36000 km
150 CC

Suzuki Raider 150 Carb 2019

Sport motorbike

Thick tires, new brakes, mini driving lights, and 45-liter top box.

Extras & accessories

If you need more details about extras (e.g. delivery) please speak to the owner.

Vehicle owner

  • Unknown last online

Pick-up location

Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Note: You will get the exact address once the booking is accepted by the owner.

Rental requirements

Driver license categories
A (motorcycles)
Must be an adult, valid identification cards, drivers' license, and Php 5000.00 refundable deposit if the motorcycle has no damage.
Note: Foreign driving licenses are valid in most countries including the Philippines for the next 90 days after arrival. After 90 days foreign driving license is required to be converted to the local standard. Remember that if you are planning a long trip!

Price rates

7 days (5% off)₱5,187
28 days (8% off)₱20,093
Price per extra km₱3
Minimum rental period6 days

Mid term discount 5%
Long term discount 8%

Available payment methods
  • visa_mastercard
  • gcash
  • grabpay
  • paypal


You can optionally choose the following specials when booking (if available)


This vehicle is covered by next insurances:

  • Third Party (TPL or CTPL)

Insurance details:

As a renter, you are only allowed to use the Bike for sightseeing purposes on main roads. Any off-road driving or use for transportation or delivery of goods is strictly prohibited. In case of any damage to the vehicle, the renter must allow the owner to make necessary repairs. If the vehicle breaks down, it is the renter's responsibility to arrange for transportation back. The vehicle is insured under current Philippines liability, and any additional coverage needed will be the responsibility of the renter. During the rental period, it is the renter's responsibility to take good care of the vehicle and maintain it as if it were their own property. This includes checking the oil and water level in the engine at every fuel fill-up. The renter will be held responsible for any damage to the vehicle, regardless of who caused it. If the vehicle needs repairs or repainting, the renter must pay for an extended rental period for as long as the vehicle is in the repair shop. The renter will also be liable for any theft of the vehicle and charged with the replacement cost in case of theft. To rent a bike, you must have a valid international or local driver's license. International renters will be required to deposit their passport, while local renters must provide two valid government-issued IDs, police clearance, proof of billing, and proof of income. The renter must also agree to comply with all Philippines traffic rules, including wearing helmets, avoiding drug or alcohol use, and obeying speed limits. When parked, the bike must be locked and parked only in safe locations at night. The bike must be returned with a full tank of gasoline and clean. There is a grace period of up to one hour for late deliveries, with no extra charges. For deliveries that are one to two hours late, the renter will be charged 1/3 of the daily rental charge. For two to three hours late, the renter will be charged 2/3 of the daily rental charge, and for over three hours late, the renter will be charged the full day rental charge. All our units are maintained only at the respective brand's authorized service center, with genuine parts used during maintenance. We prioritize the safety of our customers above all else and value your business. Please ride safely.


Emergency room expanses coverage.

Book2Wheel now offers Emergency assistance of ₱10,000 on each rental.

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