Our story

When Furqan Rathore, the founder of Book2Wheel, took a break from his education and moved to the Philippines for a year in 2015, he discovered a problem of mobility faced by many foreigners visiting the Philippines. During his first month, he met more than 50 interns from Denmark who were looking for a 5-months transportation solution.

Furqan had one motorbike at that moment and he offered a rental proposal. Two girls accepted the offer and through word of mouth, the news about Furqan’s rental proposal started to spread. He quickly added more motorcycles in the fleet, but it was not enough for the growing demand. Therefore, he asked his friends and other motorcycle rental shops if they want to have their motorcycle rented out and make some extra money. When all of them agreed, he got the idea to make a website that connects people who wish to share their vehicle to people who would like to rent one.

That’s how Book2Wheel started. The first version of the website was complete in 2016 and that was the first year when Book2Wheel had its very first customers. Furqan Rathore move back to Denmark in 2016 and won the First Danish entrepreneurship award in 2016. While studying, Furqan has started working on his business idea. Due to student visa restrictions in Denmark, Furqan could not register his company in Denmark. That had forced him to register Book2Wheel ou (Reg. code: 143444789) in Estonia in 2017. Now Furqan has had his legal stuff covered and he expanded the idea in further cities and islands in the Philippines. Furqan would spend each year 6 months in Denmark and 6 months in the Philippines in order to visit potential places for rentals and explain to people what Book2Wheel is.

In 2018, Book2Wheel travel and tour corporation (Reg. no. Cs201805534) was created in the Philippines in order to connect the local payment gateway and provide ease of booking to renters and motorbike owners. Finally, in 2019 Furqan Rathore succeeded to obtain a startup visa in Denmark and register Book2Wheel aps (CVR no. 40573542). It took 4 years to register the company in Denmark and get the first investments in the company.