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    To rent a motorbike all you need is a valid motorbike driving license, One valid ID. The deposit for 125cc scooter/ motorbike is about 2000 Pesos and for 150cc is 5,000 pesos. Above 200cc scooter, the deposit is 10,000. Each scooter has a different owner and different rental terms. We request you to check the motorbike and read the owner terms and conditions. You can ride a motorbike in the Philippines on your foreign driving license up to 90 days from the date of your arrival in the Philippines. Download the rental agreement and have it signed by the owner of the motorcycle before you leave the motorbike owner location. Simply click in the search box and select the city where you want to rent a motorbike. Select the bike which you want to rent. Fill the form and submit. The owner of the motorbike will receive your booking reservation and will confirm it shortly. You will receive the owner phone number and pick up location in your e-mail. Each motorbike has a different deposit and rental requirements. You should click on the picture of the motorbike which you want to rent and read the owner terms & conditions.
    Book2Wheel does not own the motorbikes. Book2Wheel is an online portal for sharing motorbikes. You will be renting a motorbike from local people, who are renting out their motorbikes. Each motorbike has a different pick up location since the motorbikes have different owners.
    In general, The renter of the motorbike has to put Gasoline in the motorbike. The owner of the motorbike provides you the bike with limited Gasoline or with a full tank. You return the motorbike as it was given to you. If you got the bike with a full tank, then you return a full tank.
    Yes, you need a valid motorbike driving license. Make sure it states on your driving license that you can drive a motorbike. For instance, if you have a European car driving license, you can ride up to a 50-cc motorbike. But rules are different when you have a local, Philippino, driving license. in that case, You must have a motorbike driving license in order to drive a motorbike in the Philippines. Read here more about driving rules in the Philippines. A foreigne driving license is valid for 90 days in the Philippines since the entering date to the country. Kindly make sure with the local police station on your arrival regarding your driving license (that you can drive the motorbike with it).
    Yes, you can. Some of the owners provide the motorbike with a comprehensive insurance. In case and the motorbike does not have a comprehensive insurance, the renter can ask for insurance and pay for it separately for the rental period only.
    The only way that the bike will be reserved for the renter, is by paying the advanced 20% booking fee. When the renter pays that, Book2Wheel makes sure the bike is reserved for the client and the client gets the bike. If the requested bike is not available for the requested rental dates, we will help you to find another motorbike in the same area, with a different owner.
    We do not recommend you to leave your original passport with any one. What you can do instead is first, to leave any other valid ID (Driving license always stays with the customer so it can be presented while driving the bike). Or, you can leave a cash deposit with the owner of the motorbike, about 500 USD to 1000 USD. This will protect both parties. However, it is your own choice weather to deposit your passport or not. We are not responsible in case of any lose. Be advised that all the owners are verified before their motorbikes are listed on the website. Yet, it is your own choice and responsibility depositing your original passport.
    We do not take any responsibility or liability in these kinds of cases. We are a small startup. We recommend you to check the motorbike before you leave the owner location. Visit a near by motorbike shop to make sure that the motorbike is in perfect condition. If you do not feel safe, return the motorbike right away to the owner and we will make sure you get your money back. If the owner of the motorbike is failing to provide you the motorbike, contact us at as soon as possible. Or write us on our Facebook page for quick reply.