7 seats
32000 km

Mitsubishi Montero 2015


Your Ultimate Luxury Ride! Our Montero boasts low mileage, having served as a spare vehicle, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride every time. Meticulously maintained and cared for, this exceptional car shines with a pristine exterior and an immaculate interior, offering a true haven on wheels. Escape the scorching heat with our Montero's ice-cold air conditioning, creating an oasis of coolness amidst the sweltering summer. Rest assured, you and *** will stay refreshed *** throughout your journey, making every mile a delightful experience. Experience the *** of luxury and fuel efficiency with our Montero Oasis, saving you money while delivering an exceptional driving experience. Leave the hassles of driving and parking behind, as our *** with a professional and courteous driver. Sit back, relax, and let our skilled chauffeur take the wheel, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable ride for you and your loved ones.

Extras & accessories

No extras available


Air conditioning
Parking sensor

Vehicle owner

Chip Mariano
Chip Mariano
  • Offline

Pick-up location

Note: You will get the exact address once the booking is accepted by the owner.

Rental requirements

Driver license categories
B (passenger cars)
Renter must be an adult
Note: Foreign driving licenses are valid in most countries including the Philippines for the next 90 days after arrival. After 90 days foreign driving license is required to be converted to the local standard. Remember that if you are planning a long trip!

Price rates

7 days (10% off)₱23,940
28 days (18% off)₱87,248
Price per extra km₱16
Minimum rental period1 day

Mid term discount 10%
Long term discount 18%

Available payment methods
  • visa_mastercard
  • gcash
  • grabpay
  • paypal


This vehicle is covered by next insurances:

  • Third Party (TPL or CTPL)

Insurance details:

TPL Insurance, which stands for Third-Party Liability Insurance, is an essential and mandatory coverage for vehicle owners in the Philippines. This type of insurance provides protection against financial liabilities that may arise from damages or injuries caused to third parties in the event of an accident. With TPL insurance, you can drive with confidence, knowing that you are financially protected in case of unfortunate incidents on the road. It covers expenses related to bodily injury, disability, or death of third parties involved in an accident caused by your vehicle. It also extends coverage to damages caused to third-party properties, such as vehicles or structures. This insurance not only ensures compliance with the legal requirements set by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) but also offers peace of mind to vehicle owners. In the event of an accident, TPL insurance provides financial assistance for legal fees, medical expenses, property repairs, and compensation claims.


Emergency room expanses coverage.

Book2Wheel now offers Emergency assistance of ₱5,000 on each rental.


  • No self-drive

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