14000 km
400 CC

Kawasaki Dominar 400 2021

Naked bike

Kawasaki Dominar 400 Expressway legal Casa Maintained

Extras & accessories

No extras available

Vehicle owner

Salvacion Sagcelo
Salvacion Sagcelo
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Pick-up location

Note: You will get the exact address once the booking is accepted by the owner.

Rental requirements

Driver license categories
A (motorcycles)
Renter shall utilize the Bike only for the purpose of sightseeing on main roads. Off road driving is strictly prohibited. Using the motorcycle for transportation and/ or delivery of goods/ items are also strictly prohibited. If the vehicle is damaged, renter will let owner to make the necessary repairs If the vehicle breaks down, the renter is responsible for the way back transportation. Vehicle is insured according with current Philippines liability. Additional coverage is the responsibility of the renter. During the rental period, renter must take good care and maintenance the vehicle as if it were his/her own property, and check oil and water level in engine at every fill-up of fuel. The renter is responsible for the damage to the vehicle, whether caused by renter or a party If the vehicle needs to be repaired/ painted, the renter must pay extended rent for as long as the vehicle is in repair shop. The renter will be liable for the theft of the vehicle. The renter will be charged to replace vehicle in cases of theft. The renter must have valid international driver’s license or local driver’s license. International renters will be required to deposit their passport. Local renters will be required to provide 2 valid government issued ID's, police clearance, proof of billing, proof of income. The renter must agree to Philippines traffic rules (especially about wearing helmet, not using drugs or alcohol and obeying speed limits). The bike must be locked while parked and only parked in safe location during night. Bike must be delivered with full tank of gasoline before returning. If the bike is dirty, it must also be washed. Late delivery penalty: Up to 1 hour late is a grace period. No extra charge. 1-2 hours late will be charged 1/3 daily rental charge, 2-3 hours late will be charged 2/3 daily rental charge, over 3 hours late will be charged full day rental charge. All our units are maintained only at the respective brand's authorized service center. All parts used during maintenance are genuine. The bikes are checked regularly. We value our customers and put their safety above all else. Ride safe
Note: Foreign driving licenses are valid in most countries including the Philippines for the next 90 days after arrival. After 90 days foreign driving license is required to be converted to the local standard. Remember that if you are planning a long trip!

Price rates

7 days (5% off)₱13,234
28 days (20% off)₱44,576
Price per extra km₱8
Minimum rental period1 day

Mid term discount 5%
Long term discount 20%

Available payment methods
  • visa_mastercard
  • gcash
  • grabpay
  • paypal


This vehicle is covered by next insurances:

  • Third Party (TPL or CTPL)

Insurance details:

Only the mandatory insurance


Emergency room expanses coverage.

Book2Wheel now offers Emergency assistance of ₱5,000 on each rental.

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