SYM Cruisym 150 Dual ABS 2022

The Cruisym 150 dual abs is the perfect scooter for those looking for *** and agile ride. With a 149.6cc engine that delivers power and efficiency, this scooter can take you on any adventure you desire. Its dual ABS system ensures a safe and reliable braking performance, providing you with peace of mind on the road. Equipped with a spacious *** and *** seat and dual channel ABS system, this scooter delivers a smooth and reliable performance on the road. Its sleek and modern design makes it stand out from the crowd while *** seat and ergonomic handlebars ensure *** ride for the driver and passenger. The large under-seat storage and front glove box provide ample space to carry your essentials during the ride. Whether *** or exploring the city, the Cruisym 150 dual abs guarantees an exhilarating and safe riding experience. Rent it today!

Vehicle owner

Rizaldy Evasco
Rizaldy Evasco
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Displacement:150 CC
Mileage:8554 km

Pick-up location

Anonas Road, Malabon
Note: You will get the exact address once the booking is accepted by the owner.

Rental requirements

Driver license categories
A1 (small motorcycles/scooters)
Requirements: 1. 3 Valid IDs 2. NBI Clearance / Police Clearance 3. Barangay Clearance 4. Proof of Billing 5. 5,000 PHP for Security Deposit (Refundable)
Note: Foreign driving licenses are valid in most countries including the Philippines for the next 90 days after arrival. After 90 days foreign driving license is required to be converted to the local standard. Remember that if you are planning a long trip!

Price rates

7 days (5% off)₱5,320
28 days (12% off)₱19,712
Price per extra km₱3
Minimum rental periodAny

Mid term discount 5%
Long term discount 12%

Available payment methods
  • visa_mastercard
  • gcash
  • grabpay
  • paypal


Rental delivery

Accessories & extras

You can optionally choose the following accessories when booking
₱500 /day


This vehicle is covered by next insurances:

  • Third Party (TPL or CTPL)

Insurance details:

TPL (Third Party Liability) insurance for motorcycles typically covers the following: 1. Bodily Injury: If you accidentally injure someone else while riding your motorcycle, TPL insurance will cover the medical expenses for the injured party. 2. Property Damage: If you accidentally damage someone else's property, such as a car or building, TPL insurance will cover the cost of repairs or replacement. -Motorcycle, TPL insurance will cover the costs of their medical bills and other related expenses. 2. Property Damage: If you cause damage to someone else's property while riding your motorcycle, such as hitting another vehicle or damaging a fence, TPL insurance will cover the costs of repairing or replacing the property. 3. Legal Expenses: TPL insurance may also cover legal expenses in case the third party files a lawsuit against you for the damages caused by the accident. It is important to note that TPL insurance only covers damages that you are liable for and does not cover damages to your own motorcycle or any injuries sustained by you in an accident. For this, you would need additional coverage such as Comprehensive and/or Personal Accident insurance.


Emergency room expanses coverage.

Book2Wheel now offers Emergency assistance of ₱10,000 on each rental.

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