7 seats
47000 km

Ford "Dambuhala" Everest 2018


VIP Experience with Dambuhala ➡️ With Android Auto and Apple Carplay ➡️ Insured ➡️ GPS Monitoring ➡️ With Chauffeur Service ➡️ Requirements ➡️ National ID

Extras & accessories

If you need more details about extras (e.g. delivery) please speak to the owner.

Vehicle owner

Kyle Salvador
Kyle Salvador
  • Unknown last online

Pick-up location

Q. Plaza Square, Cainta
Note: You will get the exact address once the booking is accepted by the owner.

Rental requirements

Driver license categories
B (passenger cars)
(1) The customer agrees to rent the car from the owner for the period specified in the rental contract, and to return it in the same condition as received, except for normal wear and tear. (2) The customer is responsible for paying the rental fee, security deposit, fuel charges, tolls, fines, taxes, and any other fees or charges incurred during the rental period. (3) The customer must have a valid driver's license and be at least 21 years old to rent the car. The customer must also provide proof of identity and address, and a credit card or debit card for payment. (4) The customer must not use the car for any illegal, improper, or unsafe purpose, or drive it under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that impairs driving ability. (5) The customer must not sublet, lend, or transfer the car to anyone else without the owner's written consent. The customer must also not modify, damage, or tamper with the car or its accessories. (6) The customer must notify the owner immediately in case of any accident, breakdown, theft, loss, or damage involving the car, and follow the owner's instructions. The customer must also cooperate with the owner and the insurance company in any investigation or claim process. (7) The owner reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement and repossess the car at any time without notice if the customer breaches any of these terms and conditions, or if the car is damaged or endangered. (8) The owner provides basic insurance coverage for the car and the customer as required by law. The customer may purchase additional insurance or coverage from the owner or a third party at an extra cost. (9) The owner is not liable for any personal injury, death, property damage, or loss arising from or related to the use of the car by the customer or any other person, except as required by law or covered by insurance. (10) The customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the owner from any claims, liabilities, damages, costs, or expenses arising from or related to the use of the car by the customer or any other person, except as required by law or covered by insurance.
Note: Foreign driving licenses are valid in most countries including the Philippines for the next 90 days after arrival. After 90 days foreign driving license is required to be converted to the local standard. Remember that if you are planning a long trip!

Price rates

7 days (7% off)₱22,785
28 days (50% off)₱49,000
Price per extra km₱15
Minimum rental period1 day

Mid term discount 7%
Long term discount 50%

Available payment methods
  • paypal


You can optionally choose the following specials when booking (if available)
Vehicle driver Available


This vehicle is covered by next insurances:

  • comprehensive

Insurance details:

3,000 participation fee


Emergency room expanses coverage.

Book2Wheel now offers Emergency assistance of ₱5,000 on each rental.


  • Dogs/Cats
  • Smoking
  • Eating

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