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Crowdfunding campaing for Book2Wheel

Book2wheel has been selected for the 2022 Founders Summit program in Silicon Valley!

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What is Book2Wheel?

Book2wheel is a service where anyone can rent out their motorbike and earn extra income. Our aim is to provide source of income for developing counties and countries where average person earns just 9$ a day.

Invitation to make a contribution

We invite our friends and family to join the journey with us to go to Silicon Valley by making a small contribution. Your contribution will help us to cover some of the cost to participate in the founder summit in 2022.

Why are we going to Silicon Valley

For Book2wheel to grow and help Thousands of people we need investment which can help us to grow book2wheel. Being part of this event, we hope to meet investors and expand our network and bring brand awareness for Book2Wheel.

Fund raising amount

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What do we offer in return for your contribution

We will provide you 20 percent discount on payable online from Book2Wheel earnings when you make booking. The discount code will be valid for up to 10 bookings in the year 2023. We will send you the promotion code in your email.