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  • Yes if you want to drive a motorcycle you need a class-A driving license. For scooters or motorcycles up to 125cc, you can use an A1 driving license. You can only drive up to a 50cc scooter on Am driving license. You can not drive a motorcycle on a car driving license in the Philippines.
  • You need to wear a helmet when you are driving a motorcycle in the Philippines. You can not drive on expressways less the 400cc motorcycle. Highways are very busy and good for the small scooter. Always drive slowly. Look out for people who are standing on the side of the road.
  • use Waze map. Google maps do not work well in the Philippines.
  • You can rent a nice 5 seater car for 2000 pesos which is a very good deal in Mandaluyong city. Mandaluyong city is also close to Makati so you can rent a car in the Makati area as well. Remember you need to be careful about the color coding system in the Luzon area. There are some hours of the day when you are not allowed to drive a car with a specific number plate.