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Rent motorbike and car in Bohol, cheap car rental in Bohol. Free deliver and pick up at Bohol airport and port

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₱400 / day


  • Rate starts from 500 pesos on scooters but if you rent for a month you can rent it for low as 250 pesos. You can search all motorcycles listed.
  • Yes, Road checks are everywhere on the island you must have your motorcycle driving license when you rent a motorcycle. The fine is 15,000 pesos and the motorbike will be taken from you. You must also put on your helmet and footwear.
  • Yes, you can when you rent a motorcycle in Tagbilaran, which is near the port. You can ask the owner to deliver the motorcycle. With a small charge, they will deliver the motorcycle
  • Yes, it is just to book online and add delivery in Extras. The owner can deliver the motorcycle to Bohol airport.
  • Yes, you do. The owner will give you a helmet when you rent a motorcycle in Bohol

Additional information

Before you rent a motorbike on Bohol Island, it's essential to keep some key advice in mind. Firstly, make sure you have a valid driver's license and understand local traffic rules. Secondly, thoroughly inspect the motorbike for any existing damage, documenting it with photos or videos. Lastly, prioritize safety by wearing a helmet at all times and riding cautiously, considering the unique road conditions of the island. Following these tips will ensure a safe and enjoyable motorbike rental experience on Bohol Island