How to become a host on Book2Wheel?

In five simple steps you can register your motorcycle, car and bicycle. Watch the demo video to learn how.

Your earnings

1 day


7 days


28 days


After Book2Wheel's service fee of 20%

Cover your cost

Rent out your car/bike when it is not being used. Use our little calculator to figure out how much you can make a month by renting out.

Safety and security

You have always control on your bookings. If you do not feel comfortable renting out your vehicle, you can always decline the booking. We make sure both parties are satisfied.


Make sure to get comprehensive insurance on your car or bike.

Find a vehicle close to you

Find the right car or bike when and where you need it. Select the city, pick up and return dates.

Booking Confirmation

After booking, you will receive an email with owner's details as a confirmation. You will pay just the 7% of the total amount.

Meet the owner

Meet at the designated place, pay the rest of the amount and receive the car or bike.


Refuel and return the 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler vehicle, leave a feedback and book again.


    First, we highly recommend you get a comprehensive insurance before you start renting out your motorbike. Book2Wheel provides a comprehensive insurance which will cover you from own damage, theft protection and natures act. The comprehensive insurance covers you for 1 year. It costs around 2000 Pesos to 3000 pesos a year, depending on the value of your motorbike. To check the insurance price, click ‘get insurance’. In addition to that, you can request the renter 100 USD to 200 USD cash deposit, which is refundable upon returning the bike. If the renter damages your motorbike, you can use that deposit to cover the expanse.
    Yes, Book2Wheel is a registered company in the Philippines, Denmark, and Estonia. Book2Wheel pays tax in the Philippines. Book2Wheel charges a small amount from the owner of the motorbikes/car earning. We pay taxes on the commission that we earn. The owner of the motorbike has the responsibility to declare their income tax. Book2Wheel corporates with the tax office in the Philippines and provides customers’ earnings records if it is requested. We request the vehicle owners to declare their earnings to the tax office in their home country.
    First, you need a good motorbike/car in order to list it on our website. For a verification, you will be asked to provide a copy of your ID. Once your motorbike/car is approved, it will be listed. You will get an email from us each time a customer requests to rent your vehicle. Book2Wheel charges an advanced payment of 20 % from the total rental amount. And the customer pays the rest of the rental price, meaning 80 % directly to the owner when picking up the vehicle.
    First of all, you can check if they have a driving license. If the person is going to drive a motorcycle, then it should be written. If it is a driving license only for cars then it is illegal to drive a motorcycle. Secondly, you can check their ID card or Passport which are trustworthy since they are issued by the government. A third thing you can call the phone number to check if it is working. You can even ask for another contact, for example, a family member, so you can also ask questions to them . Finally, You can also check the bill where you can verify the address of the person.