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  • Yes, you need a valid motorbike driving license to rent a motorbike in Manila city, Philippines. You can not drive a motorbike or scooter in the Philippines with your car driving license. When having a foreign driving license, you can drive up to 90 days after your arrival to the Philippines. Please check with the local police station regarding your driving license or visit the LTO office in Manila city.
  • On the express road, you can only bring an above 400cc motorbike. You can not drive on your scooter. You must also have an electronic card ( Autosweep RFID) which you should ask the owner before renting the motorbike. Each time you pass the toll road you will be charged. This does not include the motorbike rental. Renter pays for the road tax (toll tax). On the highway, you can drive with your 125cc scooter.
  • It is one of the busiest and heavy traffic in the world. Make sure to use the WAZE map instead of google maps. Also, buy a mobile holder in advance if you do not want to rent from the motorbike owner. Some owners do not have mobile holders. This can be a very big problem. Do not drive a motorbike in Manila if you are a beginner. Outside Manila, traffic is a bit normal. Renting a 400cc motorbike to use the express road will save your life. High-way traffic is out of control people crossroads any time they want. Also, shops and houses are built on the side of the highways.
  • You must carry your valid driving license with you at all times. Be advised that a picture or a photocopy of the driving license is not valid. If the police stop you, they will take the scooter from you and it will cost you 15,000 pesos to get the scooter back. You might put in jail as well. Do not leave your actual driving license with the motorbike owner. Wear a helmet and ‘closed’ shoes while driving the scooter. Your front light, backlight, and signal light should work at all times. You should obtain a copy of the motorbike registration and the rental contract before you leave the owner's location. The registration should be valid and not expired.
  • If you are renting a scooter in Manila city, You must ask the owner the following questions: How does the scooter start? How does the handle lock work? How to open the gas tank? What type of fuel to use for the scooter? Some scooters are very complicated to lock and unlock. You must learn everything before you leave the owner's location.
  • There are many rental shops in Manila city. you can find all the rental shops' locations and their terms and requirements on the Book2wheel website. You can also read the customers’ reviews before you rent from the specific owner. This will give you a good idea of whom you are renting a scooter in Manila city,
  • You do not have to leave your passport with the owner. You can leave a deposit instead. Some owners can give you their motorbike for a deposit of 200 USD to 300 USD. You can also find owners on who do not require your passport. The owner keeps a deposit to cover possible damages on the scooter that are caused by the renter. A small scooter in the Philippines costs from 1500 USD to 2500 USD.
  • Book2wheel is a website that connects you directly with motorbikes owners. We do not own any of the motorbikes. If you rent through Book2wheel, we can help the managing disputes between the owner and the renter. We have staff on the ground who can follow up if something went wrong. Also, we advise you to rent from owners who have good reviews. We have been working in the Philippines since 2016. We are well aware of the motorbike rental companies and owners which have good behavior.
  • Yes, now you can rent a sports motorcycle in the Philippines using You can rent different sports motorcycles using the book2wheel website.

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